The Future of Deanism

13 Vaskaras 3336

I am so sorry for the lack of posts on this blog as of yet! I’ve been busy, and there is still unfinished business in my life I need to take care of (nothing serious but still) so I may not be very active for a while, but I wanted to finally make my first post on here since moving from DaughterOfDea.

There is another reason I have been so inactive in Deanic circles lately.

Like many, I sometimes feel hopeless and worry that our religion has no real future. It is very, very hard to start a religion in this day and age. We are at a point where in society where people do not want religion, and not without reason. Religion has done a lot of harm. Those who do like the idea of being religious tend to want to join older, established ones rather than new ones. They want on-the-grounds communities that will give them a job and a purpose. They want easily accessible resources and a solid theological basis.

This makes Deanism inaccessible for some people. When people ask me about my religion, I find it hard to direct them to resources they will understand. Most of the Deanic resources are from the Daughters of Shining Harmony/Aristasians, and while I do love the Mother-God website, it can be hard for people to distinguish which is simple Deanic thealogy and which is Aristasian. While I personally like some of the Aristasian teachings, there is a lot I disagree with. As a third wave feminist I find some of their gender politics in conflict with my own beliefs, and I also envision Deanism as being a religion for all, not just hyperfeminine women.

However, I refuse to give up hope for the future of this small religious tradition.

I use social media to post about Deanism as well as other things in my life (my day to day activities, my interests such as books and video games, activism, etc) and this has lead to me informing others about the faith without even realising it. In the past few weeks I have seen about three of my Tumblr followers begin to identify as Deanists, and that makes me absolutely overjoyed. People are interested in this faith because it offers something they haven’t seen before. I receive quite a few messages on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter from people who are interested in learning more. And while it can be quite hard to find appropriate resources and explain new thealogical concepts sometimes, it’s totally worth it.

I will continue to teach of Dea’s love to all those who want to know it. I will teach my children of Dea, but if they grow up and want to join a different religion or none at all, that will be okay, too. And I will carry on praying to Her, worshipping Her, and loving Her.

Madria Erin


5 thoughts on “The Future of Deanism

  1. Glad to see a post here!!

    I love this! I am so glad to hear that you’ve been able to reach people through your example. As someone who doesn’t plan to have children, I’ve focused more on reaching out to the current generations than the next one. I suppose I should think of how it could be passed down! It is somewhat disheartening to see so few engaged in the faith, which is why my personal mission is to create more modern-day faith related materials like images and hopefully one day scripture generators and the like so that there will be at least the same basics available!

    I think another big problem that Filianism as a whole seems to trend to is the gradual deletion of materials. I’ve hardly seen such turnover outside of Filianism, but so many groups grow up, change radically multiple times, and then delete everything, which makes it quite frustrating! Just today, I was looking at another blog that has many materials from the Clan Jana group, which then became Matronite, but now both the old and the new website for that group are gone. All those posts and insights and practices have vanished, save what I had copied down in my own notes. I can’t go back and look at it now, and neither can others. Oh the impermanence of the internet!!

    Can’t wait to see more from you!


    1. I love the Tumblr and Facebook page you created with the scripture text graphics. Stuff like that is really accessible for people and just nice to have.
      I think one day I want to sit down and create a kind of archive or master post of Deanic & Filianic materials to make things easier for people. I’m already making a blogroll on Tumblr of Deanists.


      1. Thank you! I should get back to making those!

        It would be fantastic to have a proper archive around! Blogrolls are really great too, but a separate archive would be marvellous.


  2. Hello Madria Erin and River,
    As archivist for Clan Jana, I may have Clan Jana, Matronite, Aristasian, Madrian text based internet information.
    I am happy to assist if you have a particular subject in mind.
    May She bless and guide you. Blessed is She.
    Sophia Ruth


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