A Quick Update

13 Werde 3336

Dear friends,

I’m just making this post to apologise for the lack of posts and interaction with the community this past few weeks. I have been deeply depressed and came down with the flu, which I can’t seem to fully shake. I’ve been incredibly disturbed by the results of the US presidential election, also. Despite not being an American, I worry for my friends across the pond who are LGBT, women, non-white, disabled, or non-Christian, and for our Sister Earth, who may suffer greatly under Trump.

I guess I have to trust Dea to heal me, to heal the planet, that all will come right in the end, that this world is only a grain of sand on the shore of the universe, and that our siblings in Ekklesia from countless other worlds are routing for us.

Blessed is She.

Madria Erin


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Erin for what it is worth I do regularly read your blog. I am sorry to hear about your current sufferings. I have never been a person who feels comfortable making petitionary prayers either for myself or others. I tend to wonder to what degree these prayer have in the world ( I do not want to discuss the reasons for this now) and I have other personal blocks as well. These are not something that I feel good about. On the contrary I feel quite positive about those who can give themselves to its spirit. I wish I were more like them.

    All that being said, I did pray this morning that the suffering that you are experiencing will be relieved and I hope to maintain a struggle to become better at prayer for others. Dea be with you.


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  2. Madria Erin, I cannot find the quote but it is something along the lines of “a spiritually awakened person can see the reality of the world therefore depression is the natural response.” ~It’s OK to be anxious and angry, says Dominic Pettman, a professor of culture at the New School and author of the upcoming book Infinite Distraction. “When I’m asked how people can have less stress, it makes me think of asking a lobster in a boiling pot how to chill out. The world is kind of intolerable for the 99%,” he says. “I think you just need to feel the stress, work with it, use it to transform things … Acknowledge the pot is getting hotter, it’s reaching boiling point and maybe anxiety is a perfectly legitimate response.”~
    ArchMatrona Georgia has written a brilliantly rousing metaphor https://deamatronablog.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/sailing-on-through-the-storm/

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