Two Songs About Avalon

Astraea 10

Avalon, or Avala, is the Deanic and Celtic underworld in which souls rest between incarnations. It is said to be a land of incredible beauty, where one can make peace with their past, rest, and grow closer to Dea. It is the land of the Daughter, Who is working to bring us back to the Mother and will be doing so until the end of time. She could be said to be the Lady of the Lake, the guardian of Avalon in some non-patriarchal/non-Christianized versions of the Arthurian legends, in which Avalon plays a large part.

Anyway, I wanted to share two of my favourite songs about this magical resting place of souls. The second one, in particular, means a lot to me, and I have used it in assisting my meditations.

My Avalon by Laura Powers : It’s been a part of me always / I’ve known this forever / Where the sky meets the ocean / Through the mist there, just beyond / It’s the haven I long for / My Avalon

Avalon by Jillian AversaIs it real or a dream / This breathing isle, this beating heart / Where the rains melt the sky / In sheets of haze that they part?


Madria Erin


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