The Conception of the Daughter

Astraea 11


In the Deanic Daughterist/Filianist calendar, today is the day we celebrate the Mother becoming ‘pregnant’ (in a metaphysical sense) with the Holy Daughter, who is Her Heavenly Daughter and yet remains fully One with Her.

And She stood in contemplation upon the waters of the first darkness; like a great Dove upon the waters She brooded. And She became absorbed within Her and communed with Her own Self; and Her light ceased to shine forth from Her, and yet Her light grew greater. And She fell to Her knees. And the surface of the waters became turbulent, and the great waves curled over Her, and their white foam could not be seen in all that darkness. And when the waters became calm again, the Mistress of All Things rose to Her feet. for She had conceived a Daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her, and the Child of Her Light.

– Daughter Mythos 1:3-7

This low feast is the last festival, low or high, in the Mother half of the Deanic year. It marks the beginning of the second and larger part of Advent. It is a very exciting low feast indeed, for in this act the Daughter is coming to save us, to guide us back to our Mother.

This act of parthenogenesis has deeper implications that my friend Jacqueline touched on here, that involves the Great Mother as well as the Bright Mother. Usually, when I use the phrase ‘Heavenly Mother’, I am referring to Mari, while the ‘Great Mother’ or ‘Dark Mother’ is Mysteria- the darkness that existed before the light. This thealogy of this feast can be interpreted as the Bright Mother communing with Herself in the form of the Dark Mother to create Anna, the Heavenly Daughter. This, to me, is a lovely interpretation and makes a lot of sense.

Blessings, and let us rejoice!

Madria Erin


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