Moura 28th/March 18th

Today is Kala, the last day of the Deanic/Filianic year and an important event in the Cosmic Drama that is unfolding at all times. It is the day the Princess of Heaven descends in to the lowest realms of manifestation, in order to bring the light of the Celestial Mother to all Her children.


The word ‘lightbringer’ has negative connotations in Christianity, I believe, because it was often used in connection with Lucifer. But to Deanists, the Lightbringer is the Daughter. She descends through the seven gates, literally shattering her soul as She does so, experiencing EVERY awful thing any living being will ever go through… all at once. This is why we say God the Daughter is imminent. She is literally present, at all times, because of this descent. She understands everything we experience because She goes through it with us.


Tomorrow is the Hiatus, a day that doesn’t officially exist in the calendar, because it is the day the Daughter is dead (in the more orthodox schools of thought) or simply not there (I think?) in the Janite tradition. (If a Janite could clear this up for me I’d really appreciate it!) In my mind, since I don’t accept the ‘sacrifice’ as the Daughter involving Her death, but rather a sharing of Her light and soul, I’d tend to lean more with the Janite perspective, but I’m not sure on the full thealogy of the day if the Daughter is not ‘dead’.
This has been my first full Deanic year as a Deanist, and I’ve loved every second of it. I love Dea with all my heart, and I love being a member of Her ekklesia. I will see you all in two days for a celebratory Eastre post 🙂

Madria Erin

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