About Me



I’m Erin. I’m a twenty year old woman, lesbian, writer, poet, extrovert, friend, sister, priestess, gamer, lover etc etc from a medium sized city in England.

For a very long time I was somewhat of a religious nomad, or a sailor floating on the seas of faith, desperately looking for spiritual treasure. I finally found my home last year when after a particularly hard time (reconciling my sexuality and longing for feminine Godhead within my conservative branch of Christianity) I found Deanism. Since then, I have felt closer to Deity than I ever have, and my life has improved in almost every aspect. I was called to be a priestess of Dea (God the Mother), and while I do not always fulfil this calling as well as I should, through Her unfailing grace I awake every day with the desire to do better. While I identify as a Deanist, I also identify as a ‘Goddessian’ in that I seek to align myself with other devotees of ‘the Goddess’, despite thealogical differences.

It is a priestesses duty to spread Dea’s love wherever she walks, to be a reflection of Her light, to be a channel for Her grace. Priestesses of Dea are not fighters, but we strive to change the world for the better with radical love and inner beauty. We try to live by the twenty one virtues of the seven great Janati, who are fundamental forms and faces worn by Dea.

This blog documents my journey serving Her, my thoughts on the world around me, and devotional writing.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I love hearing from you all, so please drop comments on any of my posts!

Madria Erin