Deanic Interpretations of Songs #1 – Road to Paradise by Jordin Sparks

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Dear friends,

Because Deanism is such a small faith, we do not have many ‘official’ hymns or devotional songs we can use in our worship etc. However, I find myself finding Deanic meaning in all kinds of music… from Catholic hymns to Disney soundtracks to contemporary pop songs. I actually have a Spotify playlist with all of these songs, so I wanted to start a little blog entry series about them.

This first one is from one of the Tinkerbell movies. Interestingly enough, sister Rebekah made a post a while ago about her Deanic interpretation of the first movie, and I definitely feel like they teach some beautiful and Deanist messages about nature, friendship, magic, etc. I was listening to the soundtracks and I was blown away by how many of the songs reminded me of my faith in Dea! This first one is by Jordin Sparks. The italic text is my commentary.

Road to Paradise by Jordin Sparks (From Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure)

Yeah yeah yeah
Try to keep them steady
Won’t break
You’ve been getting ready
Here we go
It’s time to say goodbye (say goodbye)
(This verse reminds me of us saying goodbye to our Heavenly Mother when we decided to descend in to matter in order to learn of good and evil and grow spiritually.)

You’ve got a lot up on your shoulders
Not quite sure just where you’re going
But you know it’s gone be quite a ride
You know with every twist, turn, crash and burn
That you’re gonna reach the other side
(Our faith teaches that separation from our Mother is temporary, and in the end all souls will be redeemed and returned to Oneness with Her. The ‘Other Side’ to me represents the golden realm of the Mother beyond the veil- or Heaven/Paradise. No matter how riven with kear we become, no matter what mistakes we make, no matter where our journeys take us, we will return to Her.)

You will do things you never dreamed of
You’re gonna find a few new friends
Get to explore the worlds of wonder
Where the magic never ends
Time to go out and make your moment
Make a few memories on the way
Life is unfolding it’s happening right before your eyes
On the road to paradise
Road to paradise
Oh, yeah, yeah
(The road to Paradise is every life that we live before eventual re-unification with our Mother. In the chorus I can almost hear our Mother’s voice before we left Her, telling us not to be afraid, for the worlds she has prepared for us are full of wonder, lessons to learn, adventures to embark on. She wants us to enjoy the journey back to Her, rather than lamenting that we are not still One with Her. )

Inside you feel the fire blazing
Outside you are so amazing
Take a breath and soak in all the sides
Danger and fear are gonna test you
Still you are coming to the rescue
Rain or shine you won’t give up the fight
It doesn’t matter how long how far
There are miracles along the way
(The road back home may be a long one, but as the song says, there are miracles along the way! We will feel Dea’s love always, and with Her love we can find the strength within ourselves to carry on when we feel hopeless and afraid. We are on a ‘heroes journey’, and heroes are confronted with multiple battles and hardships before they get their happy ending and reward.)


Might be surprised
by the strength you’re gonna find
Inside your heart
(The bride speaks for itself, I think. I have been surprised at the strength I have found inside myself when I was suicidal. At the worst moments in my life I was able to dust off my shoulders and rise.) 



I am not currently in education, but for years I would analyse poems and prose in my English and Creative Writing classes, and this may be where this idea has come from. It may seem silly to some, but I think Dea’s message can be found anywhere. Especially in children’s media, for children’s hearts are full of innocence, wonder and magic, and I think ours should be, too.

Madria Erin


Two Songs About Avalon

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Avalon, or Avala, is the Deanic and Celtic underworld in which souls rest between incarnations. It is said to be a land of incredible beauty, where one can make peace with their past, rest, and grow closer to Dea. It is the land of the Daughter, Who is working to bring us back to the Mother and will be doing so until the end of time. She could be said to be the Lady of the Lake, the guardian of Avalon in some non-patriarchal/non-Christianized versions of the Arthurian legends, in which Avalon plays a large part.

Anyway, I wanted to share two of my favourite songs about this magical resting place of souls. The second one, in particular, means a lot to me, and I have used it in assisting my meditations.

My Avalon by Laura Powers : It’s been a part of me always / I’ve known this forever / Where the sky meets the ocean / Through the mist there, just beyond / It’s the haven I long for / My Avalon

Avalon by Jillian AversaIs it real or a dream / This breathing isle, this beating heart / Where the rains melt the sky / In sheets of haze that they part?


Madria Erin